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Minnesota Orchestral Association Scam Alert, Part 2

Ever since my Minnesota Orchestral Association Scam Alert entry, I’ve been hearing from more and more people who have been getting phone-calls from the Minnesota Orchestral Association rife with misleading statements and/or outright lies. The latest statistic I’ve heard from a reader is that MOA management has taken a forty percent pay cut. I have no idea if this is true or not, but it contradicts what has been said on the MOA’s website, as well as what Mr. Henson said in his recent MPR interview and in his testimony before state legislators...not to mention the information that’s available in the 1998-2011 990s.

To any individuals who have been receiving calls from 612-373-9236 (aka “THE FUTURE”), and feel you were misled and/or lied to, I ask that you please contact the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General’s office. (Although I think the State Attorney General’s office might be more effective…)

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Minnesota Orchestral Association Scam Alert

Listen up. I need your help.

Recently, patrons have been getting phone calls from the Minnesota Orchestral Association. During the course of these calls, patrons have been told misleading and/or outright false things, such as

  • Musicians in the Cleveland Orchestra are currently playing with no contract
  • Orchestras in Syracuse and Honolulu have gone under, and Minneapolis as a metro area is equivalent to Syracuse and Honolulu
  • Musicians in Chicago took massive pay cuts
  • Money that is raised via the MOA will go to support musicians
  • Former Orchestra violinist Peter McGuire would have taken his job in Switzerland even if the lockout hadn’t occurred
  • The endowment has been drawn down by 80% to pay musicians’ salaries
  • The Dayton family gave money to support the Building for the Future fund; therefore, you should too
  • The renovation of Orchestra Hall is complete
  • Something dire will happen to the Orchestra within six months if more money is not raised right now

Understandably, many of the people who received these calls were shocked at the gumption of the people on the other line, and were not able to think clearly to respond. I’ve heard quite a few people apologize and say they just got so upset that they couldn’t remember clearly or exactly what was said. So I want you to be prepared…and if you can, to remember every little detail. This is important!

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